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Merchandise Central — June 7, 2011   Leave a comment

Welcome to our first installment of Central Light Online’s Merchandise Central, where we feature some of our new and up-coming products designed by Central Lodge brothers, for Central Lodge brothers. Proceeds of these and any Central Lodge items go directly to fund Central Lodge No. 1 activities, as well as to help keep our Lodge alive and kicking.

Central Lodge No. 1 Mirror License Plates

Central Lodge No. 1 Mirror License Plates

We just received our initial shipment of Central Lodge No. 1 mirror acrylic license plates, courtesy of Central Lodge’s own SW David Bryant and designed by Bro. Brian Sanchez. As you can tell by the photo, the plates feature a mirror-like finish and are of a thick, high quality acrylic material. If you’d like to purchase a custom-made Central Lodge No 1 mirror license plate for your ride, contact SW David Bryant for prices and info. If you aren’t receiving any text messages from him by now, then obviously you’re not in the loop! LOL. And for more images of the plates, join our Facebook Discussion Group (you’ll need to have a Facebook account in order to join). And thank you, PM Willie Wilson, for the photo!

Central Lodge No. 1 Calling Cards

Central Lodge No. 1 Calling Cards

“2B1, Ask1.” Designed by Bro. Brian Sanchez, these exclusive Central Lodge No. 1 calling cards are made specifically for those who approach us interested in becoming a Central Lodge Freemason. These heavy card stock cards feature a matte finish and include our new Central Lodge No 1 logo on the front, with our Lodge address, website address, and spaces to write your name, phone number, and personal e-mail on the back. These cards are free for any Central Lodge brother who needs a professional, uniform way of giving potentials our information. Both SW David Bryant and Bro. Brian Sanchez have them in stock. If you need any cards mailed out to you, just e-mail or Facebook message your mailing address to Bro. Sanchez.

Central Lodge No. 1 Custom Ring Proof

Central Lodge No. 1 Custom Ring Proof

Lastly, above is a preview of our exclusive, custom-made Central Lodge No. 1 rings! The image is just a proof and a sample of how the final product will look like. Central Lodge brothers who pre-ordered their rings are lucky, as they paid for them at a discounted price. From here on, these rings (and matching lapel pins), will be sold at our regular “retail” price. Our rings come in either stainless steel or titanium, custom emblem, and include a “gold firing” upgrade (basically, the metal is heated to produce a rich gold color, for those who like gold-colored jewelry). If you were too late to place a pre-order, contact Bro. Brian Sanchez for more info and our new prices. For those who pre-ordered their rings, they should be arriving late July. And thank you to Bro. John E. Morrow of for the high quality craftsmanship!

Coming soon, custom-designed Central Lodge No. 1 T-shirt’s, Polo shirts, Dickies brand workmen’s shirts, and more! Stay tuned!

Welcome to the Central Light Online blog!   Leave a comment

The esteemed brothers of Central Lodge No. 1 humbly welcome you to our new blog, Central Light Online. Our blog will serve the following purposes:

1) To serve as an extension to our printable Central Light Newsletter, which is available for download at our Forms & Documents page,

2) To post news and articles we simply couldn’t fit on our newsletter, or in-depth features only briefly summarized on our newsletter;

3) To recap, feature, and promote Central Lodge events, important dates, and special occasions, as well as update the public on all things Central Lodge;

4) Profile a notable Central Lodge brother in our “Central Lodge Brother of the Month” entries;

5) Congratulate the achievements of our Central Lodge brothers, as well as our newly-raised Master Masons; and

6) To give our fellow Central Lodge brothers an outlet where they can share their insight and wisdom to the public.

Lastly, please excuse our blog if it looks a little empty. We are still trying to get get acquainted with it and getting all the kinks out. 🙂 We plan on using our blog as regularly as we can, but in the meantime, please be patient with us.

Thank you!