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Central Lodge No. 1 would like to congratulate our very own Bro. Brian Carlos Sanchez, who was raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason this past Thursday, June 16, 2011.

Master Mason degree of Brian Sanchez

Newly-raised Master Masons Steve Downey of Fidelity Lodge No. 55 and Brian Sanchez of Central Lodge No. 1, with special guest William Ellis of Dalton Lodge No. 105.

Prince Hall Masonic Temple at 2201 Central Avenue was the site of the evening’s degree, with esteemed Masons representing various Lodges within and outside of Central District in attendance to show their support and Brotherly Love, including Southern Cross Lodge No. 39, Fidelity Lodge No. 55, and Trinity Lodge No. 18. Guests included Central District Deputy Grand Master Cornell Murrell, Grand Lecturer Charles Freeman, with a special visit from Bro. William Ellis of Dalton Lodge No. 105 and founder of

Born in Manila, Philippines in April 17, 1977, Brian Sanchez moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of three. A devoted husband and father of two beautiful children, Bro. Sanchez moved to Indianapolis in 2010 to work for the Saturday Evening Post magazine as a graphic designer. His talents include graphic design, website design, and illustration, while his passions include philosophy, history, and spirituality. Bro. Sanchez was raised a Master Mason along with Bro. Steve Downey of Fidelity Lodge No. 55.

Central Lodge No. 1 is known for their near-impeccable degree work, but there was something in the air that evening that made the Degree Team out-perform even themselves! By the night’s end, the Central Lodge Degree Team received nothing but praise and compliments from all those who had the pleasure to attend.

SW David Bryant, who served as WM for the evening’s degree, had this to say:

“I would like to congratulate Bro Sanchez on receiving his 3rd Degree in Masonry, and thank my Degree team for an outstanding job! Central Lodge #1 has a long and proud history in regard to its degree work in this Jurisdiction…and brothas you let you light shine bright last Thursday night!! The “Bar” has been set!!”

Master Mason degree of Brian Sanchez

Newly-raised Master Mason Brian Sanchez, visited by Georgia's William Ellis of Dalton Lodge No. 105.

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