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The esteemed brothers of Central Lodge No. 1 humbly welcome you to our new blog, Central Light Online. Our blog will serve the following purposes:

1) To serve as an extension to our printable Central Light Newsletter, which is available for download at our Forms & Documents page, http://centrallodge1.org/docs.html

2) To post news and articles we simply couldn’t fit on our newsletter, or in-depth features only briefly summarized on our newsletter;

3) To recap, feature, and promote Central Lodge events, important dates, and special occasions, as well as update the public on all things Central Lodge;

4) Profile a notable Central Lodge brother in our “Central Lodge Brother of the Month” entries;

5) Congratulate the achievements of our Central Lodge brothers, as well as our newly-raised Master Masons; and

6) To give our fellow Central Lodge brothers an outlet where they can share their insight and wisdom to the public.

Lastly, please excuse our blog if it looks a little empty. We are still trying to get get acquainted with it and getting all the kinks out. 🙂 We plan on using our blog as regularly as we can, but in the meantime, please be patient with us.

Thank you!

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